Ignorant Bliss Lost Sleep and Lost Days Sleeve


The central theme for the Lost Sleep and Lost Days visual art is the season Winter, in keeping with this being a Christmas CD, and Ignorant Bliss being based in the northern hemisphere. The neighbouring seasons of Autumn and Spring are also depicted.

What does it all mean?

That's us on the front cover, rendered as snowmen. We're not suggesting that Ignorant Bliss are abominable - that would be dumb. Don't you suggest it either - that would be mean.

That's us on the back cover, in a different sort of snowy look. We just love ourselves, don't we?

That's us on the back of the booklet, as melted snow. And we still look good!

That's us on the inside of the booklet. We hardly airbrushed those pictures at all, honest!

The cover of the CD case represents outer coldness, whilst opening the case and booklet reveals a warmer inside. This relationship is isomorphic to ideas that we found interesting - peoples personalities, listening to a piece of music for the first time, and entertaining in the winter months.

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