Ignorant Bliss Discography

To date, we've recorded many hours of original music, but made just one limited edition release, the album Lost Sleep and Lost Days (also known as The Christmas CD), which is a collection of our more mellow work, plus some covers.

Lost Sleep and Lost Days

LSaLD cover art
Lost Sleep and Lost Days is the first song we wrote as Ignorant Bliss. For that reason, and because we lost lots of sleep and indeed days in the creation of the CD, when it came to choosing a title, it seemed the natural choice. The overall theme for the artwork is seasons, primarily because this is our Christmas CD, intended as a Christmas gift for friends and family. For all you wanted to know about the cover and booklet, and more, see the LSaLD sleeve page

Recording process: This CD was put together using recording methods 1, 2, and 3. See track listings for details.

Track List

1. Cupid 13 18:37 audio clip in mp3 or vorbis format
2. Video Killed the Radio Star 2:21 lyrics audio clip in mp3 or vorbis format
3. Lost Sleep and Lost Days 3:39 lyrics audio clip in mp3 or vorbis format
4. Rooster 6:20 lyrics tab audio clip in mp3 or vorbis format
5. Fake Plastic Trees 5:10 lyrics audio clip in mp3 or vorbis format
6. Sunday and You 20:27 audio clip in mp3 or vorbis format

Cupid 13

This was recorded in May 2001 during an improvised jam. When mixed down to minidisc, it was given the title Quietly Picked, and since the jam was the 13th we'd recorded to date, it naturally mutated into Cupid 13 ("Q. P'ed 13").
Recording process 2

Video Killed the Radio Star

This is a cover-of-a-cover; although originally by The Buggles in 1980, it was the version performed by The Presidents of the United States of America that inspired this rendition.
Recording process 3

Lost Sleep and Lost Days

This was inspired by an intense and messy relationship, and the associated lifestyle. To take a step back, for whatever reason, some days you seem to have done nothing and achieved nothing, and it's like a day taken out of your life. This doesn't refer to that sort of lost day. ;-)

It's about days when you engage in some activity that gives no tangible benefits but is nevertheless extremely fulfilling, and you've engaged in it so intensely that you see almost nobody. For a day you were effectively lost to the world.

Lost sleep refers to the lifestyle I had at the time, which was strongly intertwined with this relationship. We'd be painting the town red five nights a week and getting to sleep about 4am, before getting up at 8am to go to work. Hectic times.

Most of the rest of the meaning of the song can be found from the lyrics, but in essence it's about two people who don't realise that the other has needs or wants that the relationship doesn't fulfil, and failing to communicate effectively. Inevitably it doesn't last.

Recording process 3


Originally by Alice in Chains, this is the heaviest track on the album. Sufficiently heavy that, with consideration to the intended audience (family), we pondered long and a wee bit hard about including it. For the definitive answer to the track's deeper meaning, you'd have to ask Alice in Chains, but our understanding is that it's about the singer's father's wartime experiences.
Recording process 3

Fake Plastic Trees

This one originally appeared on Radiohead's excellent album The Bends (best album of '95?). Only Thom Yorke has any clue to it's meaning; can it really be about
breast implants?
Recording process 3

Sunday and You

This is about spending Sundays with people you love, doing things you enjoy.

It was recorded a relatively long time ago (August 2000), before we'd invested in our current battery of multitrack gear. Consequently, unlike the other tracks on the disc, we were forced to use recording method 1.